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Finding the Right Educational Degree Plan for You

Step 1: Career Cluster

Step 2: Educational Pattern

Step 3: Degree Plan

3. Creating a Workforce Career Degree Plan

Workforce Career Plan for the Health and Medical Sciences Cluster

You have chosen the Workforce Career pattern of education in the Health and Medical Sciences (HLTHM) career cluster. The Workforce Career Pattern means that you will be taking mostly Technical Job-focused courses and a few General Education courses for the completion of your Marketable Skills Achievement Award (MSA), Certificate of Completion and/or Associate in Applied Science degree at Houston Community College.

Careers related to Health, Fitness, Medical, Dental, Diagnostic Services, Nursing, Health Care, Health Information, Medical Therapies, Health Administration, Emergency Care, Paramedics.

Your educational degree plan will be a Certificate of Completion or an Associate in Applied Science

  • If you are choosing one of the plans below as your "major," please click on the link Declaring Your Major, fill it out and take to the HCC Advising office at your campus. You are choosing one of the plans from the HLTHM Career Cluster.

Workforce Education Awards offered at Houston Community College:

  • AAS indicates Associate in Applied Science degree (~2 years full-time or 4 years part-time study)
  • Certificate indicates Certificate of Completion (length varies from 1-3 semesters study)
  • MSA indicates Marketable Skills Achievement Award (~1 semester study)

AAS Allied Health (60 sem. hours)
Certificate Biosafety Technician (31 sem. hours)
Certificate Computed Tomography (14 sem. hours)
ATC Diagnostic Medical Sonography (47 sem. hours)
Certificate Dental Assisting (37 sem. hours)
AAS Dental Hygiene (63 sem. hours)
AAS Emergency Medical Services (60 sem. hours)
Certificate Emergency Medical Services - Technician (39 sem. hours)
Certificate Health Care Career Academy (17 sem. hours)
AAS Health Information Technology (60 sem. hours)
Certificate Health Information Technology - Health Information Analysis (18 sem. hours)
Certificate Health Information Technology - Health Information Coding (43 sem. hours)
AAS Histologic Technician (60 sem. hours)
Certificate Medical Assistant (42 sem. hours)
AAS Medical Laboratory Technician (60 sem. hours)
AAS Nuclear Medicine Technology (60 sem. hours)
ATC Nuclear Medicine Technology (48 sem. hours)
AAS Nursing (60 sem. hours)
AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant (60 sem. hours)
Certificate Occupational Therapy Assistant (47 sem. hours)
Certificate Pharmacy Technician (26 sem. hours)
AAS Physical Therapy Assistant (65 sem. hours)
AAS Radiography (60 sem. hours)
ESC Radiography - Computed Tomography (14 sem. hours)
Certificate Renal Dialysis Technician (36 sem. hours)
AAS Respiratory Therapist (60 sem. hours)
Certificate Surgical Technology (39 sem. hours)
MSA Surgical Technology - Accelerated Alternative Delivery (10 sem. hours)
Certificate Vocational Nursing (39 sem. hours)

Note: Each award above is designed to be an exit point to the world of work enabling the graduate to have the skills for entry level and more advanced occupations. Each award above is also designed to build upon each other. Thus, a student can achieve a Marketable Skills Achievement Award (MSA) and then go to work. The MSA Completer can continue his/her education applying the MSA courses toward a Certificate of Completion in the same field. The Certificate of Completion graduate can continue his/her education and apply the Certificate courses toward the Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) in the same field. There are also many creative and non-traditional accredited universities who will transfer the AAS degree toward a bachelor degree either in the same field or in a related field. Thus, at each point of completion, the student will possess skills directly impacting performance in the work world and the student can continue progressing in his/her educational pathway eventually attaining the associate and the bachelor degree.

The courses in each award above are detailed in the college catalog in force at the time of your first enrollment at HCC.

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