What is a Student Success course?

Do I have to take a Student Success course?

Why could I not enroll in my Student Success course?

Through research and experience, Houston Community College has determined that many life and career management skills are necessary for students to make the most of their college investment. A Student Success course is designed to prepare students for the demands of college and for success in the world of work. The course emphasizes setting priorities, time management, effective listening, note-taking, concentration techniques, retention of information, book analysis, comprehension techniques, and test-taking skills. This course also incorporates modules that are designed to facilitate the use of library databases in conducting research, planning and setting educational objectives, lifelong career assessment, decision-making, financial aid, tutoring, and student support services, enabling the student to maximize the use of college resources.

Question: Who is required to take a Student Success course?

Answer: All first time HCC students, who have achieved less than 12 college level hours will be required to take a Student Success course their first term.

Question: What can I do if I am have earned more than 12 college level hours, but the system is telling me that I am required to take a Student Success course?

Answer: If you have satisfactorily earned 12 or more college level hours, you are not required to take a Student Success course. However, if the system is still giving you the message that you are required to take a Student Success course, it may be that you have not submitted your college transcript or grade report to a counselor in order to exempt you from the requirement. You can scan/email or fax (713-718-5018) an unofficial copy of your college transcript or grade report to one of the contacts below. The system will then be set up to clear you from the Student Success course requirement.

How many different HCC Student Success courses are there?

Answer: We actually have several. The primary Student Success courses are EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks (starts Fall 2012), GUST 1270 College and Career Planning (Summer 2012 only) and LEAD 1200 Workforce Development with Critical Thinking. In addition, we have two career-focused Student Success courses. ENGR 1201 Introduction to Engineering is a Student Success course which focuses on careers in the Engineering and the Engineering Technology fields. HPRS 1201 Introduction to Health Professions focuses on the Health Profession fields, as well as student success. HCC students who are required to take a Student Success course can fulfill this requirement by taking any one of the following: EDUC 1300 (fall), GUST 1270 (summer), ENGR 1201, HPRS 1201, or LEAD 1200.

Question: I tried to enroll in a Student Success course, but I kept receiving an error message that said that "Requisites are Not Met." Why am I being stopped?

Answer: Each student success course has a reading prerequisite. You must be placed at GUST 0341 or higher reading level to get into a student success course.

Question: What happens if my reading skills are not strong enough to qualify for a Student Success course?

Answer: The counselor will temporarily waive the Student Success requirement until your reading skills have improved to the point where you will benefit from a Student Success course. At that point, you will be required to take a Student Success course to insure your future college success.

I have met the reading prerequisite for my student success course, but I still get the message, "Requisites Not Met" message. Why is my enrollment not working?

Answer: Some of the Student Success courses are part of a Learning Community. A Learning Community is created by linking two classes together as co-requisites with a sharing of curriculum and faculty between the two classes. Students, if choosing a learning community, are required to enroll in both sections at the same time. When a student searches the schedule for a particular course, such as GUST 1270, that course section may be linked in a learning community with another course as co-requisites. If you attempt to enroll in one course of a Learning Community without the other course, you will receive the message, "Requisites Not Met."

When encountering a learning community linked course, the student will see a message below the section you want that has the message in blue print, "MUST BE TAKEN WITH CLASS XXXXX." This message will give you the class number of the other course that is linked with this course in a learning community. You must put both class numbers into the registration panel at the same time. In the example below, you would need to enroll in class numbers 81774 and 81580 at the same time.

See a counselor for more information or email with your inquiry. Please allow 24 hours for response by phone or email.

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