What courses can be taken?

What are the course prerequisites?

In order to be successful in a course, our faculty have determined that many courses require certain skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics. Thus, those courses have been set with skill levels as prerequisites. Prerequisites mean that a student must have demonstrated the necessary skill levels in reading, writing, or mathematics, which that course requires, in order to register for the desired course. If a student does not possess the necessary skill levels, you will receive the message that "Requisites Not Met." In other words, according to our analysis, he/she does not possess the reading, writing, or mathematics skills to be successful in the desired course. In that case, the student will not be allowed to enroll in the course.

In some cases, co-requisites will be allowed. In other words, if a student does not meet course prerequisites, he/she may be allowed to enroll in the course if the student also, at the same time, enrolls in the co-requisite courses. For example, the prerequisites for ANTH 2351 are listed with the requirement group, "000022," and the following skill levels:

Reading: CL or 0342*

Mathematics: None

Writing: CL or 0310* / 0349*

Requirement Group "000022" indicates that a student must have achieved the skill levels of both college-level reading and writing in order to take the desired academic core curriculum course. Or, in this case, the student will be allowed to enroll in the desired academic core curriculum course if he/she qualifies for and enrolls in either of the two developmental combinations: GUST 0342 / ENGL 0310 or GUST 0342 / ENGL 0349 (i.e. both courses in a combination must be in the student's schedule).

If you wish to know what skill level prerequisites a course is looking for, see the
Course Prerequisites of Basic Skills page. You may also consult this page, if you are not sure why the student could not enroll in a course. It may be that he/she did not fulfill the prerequisites or corequisites for the course.

If an override is in order, a department chair or dean may enter the appropriate student group in the student group panel (see
student group chart).

See a counselor for more information or contact the HCCS Transfer Office by phone or email with your inquiry. Please allow 24 hours for response by phone or email.

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