Frequently Asked Questions

When do I use the Evalute TSI Now and Test Credit Summary buttons?
After test scores are inputted using the Test Results panel, the test credits should be calculated/converted using the Test Credit Summary panel. Press the Test Credit Summary button to convert the test scores to test credits (i.e. utilized for prerequisite checking). After the test scores are entered and the program/plan is inputted (remember input the student's real educational objective; do not input developmental studies any longer), then the TASP Evaluation button should be pushed. These steps should be completed on all students (new and returning).

Do I need to input milestones manually?
No. Once the test scores are entered through the Test Results panel and the program/plan is entered in those panels, the TASP Evaluation button should be pushed. The TASP Evaluation button will set milestones and assign GUST 0101/0303 if needed.

Who should take a Student Success course?
New students who have earned less than 12 college level hours are required to take a Student Success course. (Note: if you have a transfer with 12 college level hours or more, enter the student group, "TRAN"; if you have a non-degree seeking student, enter the student group, "No-D").

What does the error message "test scores must be entered and milestones evaluated (using TASP Evaluation button) before registering" mean?
This message refers to the enforcement of the Student Success requirement. According to the information that SPIN has, he/she needs to take one of the two GUST courses mentioned above. Put the correct GUST course into the remediation table, and the problem is solved. If you push the "explain" button on the error message, you will get a more detailed explanation. If the student is a transfer student with 15 college-level hours (i.e. student group "TRAN") or a casual student (i.e. student group "CASL"), he/she does not need to take the GUST course. In either of those two cases, utilize the correct student group, and the rule is bypassed.

Why is a student group not working?
If you forget to save the student group, then the system has nothing to read. Also, it may be the wrong student group. Every student WILL NOT need a student group. Student groups are to be utilized conservatively and judiciously. If you are not sure, please ask!

If I put a developmental course into the remediation table, should I also assign an identical student group (i.e. MATH 0306 is put in remediation table, do I need to put M306 in the student group panel)?
No. If you assign an M306 student group, you have given the student credit for MATH 0306 and are allowing them to move into the higher level MATH 0308. Assigning a student group enables the student to move forward without completing requirements. Student groups should be used conservatively. The remediation table indicates the courses the student is placed into; student group panel gives credit for courses taken (usually in transfer). If you are not sure, please ask!

The student has test scores, why won't the system allow her into her classes?
If you did not calculate test scores using the Test Credit panel (i.e. press the calculator button), the system cannot read the test scores even though they are there.

This student has passing TAAS scores, why can't he get into MATH 1314?
TAAS only allows the student prerequisite exemptions for reading and writing, but not math. The highest level of math assessed by the TAAS test is MATH 0308; therefore, without additional math assessment testing, the student can only register in MATH 0308 or lower.

See a counselor for more information or contact the HCC Transfer Office by phone or email with your inquiry. Please allow 24 hours for response by phone or email.

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