Transcript Requests (to request your HCCS transcript to be sent)
For Transfer TO Students (those who are transferring to the Houston Community College System)
For Transfer FROM Students (those who are transferring to another institution)

For Evaluation of International Transcripts (those who have transcripts from a country outside of the United States)

If you are transferring TO the Houston Community College System

  • Unofficial Transcripts: We will accept unofficial transcripts of previous college work or grade reports and TSI scores for initial advisement and placement purposes. These are used to determine initial TSI status or exemption from assessment or prerequisites. However, a transcript hold will be placed on your record for the next term until an official transcript is sent to the Office of Student Records. Please electronically send or mail official transcripts to Houston Community College, Office of Student Records, P.O. Box 667517, MC 1136, Houston, TX 77266-7517.
  • Official Transcripts: While unofficial transcripts may be accepted for initial registration, official transcripts must be received within 30 days of seeing a counselor or enrolling in classes, whichever comes first. Official transcripts are needed for any of the following purposes:
    • TSI Exemption: Students who have an associate or higher degree from an accredited institution, passing ACT/SAT/TAKS scores, or 6+ semester hours of passing college-level work from a private or out-of-state accredited institution, must send an official transcript to the Office of Student Records before they enroll.
    • TSI Status: Students transferring to HCCS must provide an official transcript so that their TSI status can be determined.
    • Acceptance of transfer work: Students seeking acceptance of transfer credit toward a degree or certificate should send an official transcript to the Office of Student Records at the time their Educational Plan is filed.
    • Veterans: All transfer students seeking Veteran's benefits must furnish the Veteran's Office with an official transcript of all previous college work.

    NOTE: Official transcripts should not be sent to the Office of Student Records until an application has been submitted. Please electronically send or mail official transcripts to Houston Community College, Office of Student Records, P.O. Box 667517, MC 1136, Houston, TX 77266-7517.

  • Assessment: Transfer students who have college level work (including English and Math) may not need testing for TSI or for prerequisite purposes. Course prerequisites are met through previous coursework or appropriate testing scores. Contact the Testing/Assessment Office at a campus near you for testing times.
  • TSI Scores: Students who have taken an approved TSI test must submit an official copy of their scores to the Office of Student Records, if those scores do not appear on an official transcript.
  • Counselor: See a counselor for advising, selection of courses, and registration information, so that you can be set up for online registration.

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If you have a college transcript from a country outside of the United States

  • College transcripts from other countries can be used to satisfy:
    • TSI status (Students who earned at least 6 semester college-level hours from a college in another country as evaluated by an acceptable agency are exempt from the TSI law. However, a TSI test may still need to be taken for demonstrating skills in meeting course prerequisites.) If the international transcript is being evaluated for TSI status purposes only, a general evaluation for US equivalency by an acceptable agency is sufficient (see list of acceptable agencies below). A course-by-course evaluation is not needed to satisfy TSI status requirements. HCCS must have an official copy of an acceptable evaluation on file to satisfy TSI requirements.
    • Transfer of credit toward an HCCS certificate or degree. If a student is wishing to apply coursework from colleges taken in other countries toward an HCCS certificate or degree, a course-by-course evaluation by an acceptable agency is needed (see list of acceptable agencies below).
    • Official copies of acceptable evaluations: HCCS does not have the expertise or the staff to evaluate transcripts from institutions outside of the United States. Thus, HCCS requires that a student who wishes to utilize his/her "foreign" (i.e. non-United States) transcript for either of the above two purposes obtain an evaluation for US equivalency of his/her international coursework. HCCS must have an official copy of an acceptable evaluation on file to transfer credit toward an HCCS certificate or degree. Acceptable evaluation agencies of international transcripts for US equivalence are listed as follows:

      Evaluators in Texas

      Foreign Credential Services, Inc., Austin, TX
      512-459-8428 phone

      Global Credential Evaluators, College Station, TX
      800-517-4754 phone

      International Academic Credential Evaluators, Denton, TX
      940-383-7498 phone

      SDR Educational Consultants, Houston, TX
      713-460-3525 phone

      SpanTran Educational Services, Inc., Houston, TX
      713-266-8805 phone

      Worldwide Education Consultant Services, Inc., Houston, TX
      281-829-9243 phone

      Evaluators Out of State

      Career Consulting International, Sunrise, FL
      800-771-4723 phone

      Center for Applied Research Evaluation & Education, Anaheim, CA
      714-237-9272 phone

      Education Evaluators International, Providence, RI
      401-521-5340 phone

      Education International, Wellesley, MA
      781-235-7425 phone

      Educational Credential Evaluators, Milwaukee, WI
      414-289-3400 phone

      International Education Research Foundation, Inc., Culver City, CA
      310-258-9451 phone

      Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., Miami, FL
      305-273-1616 phone

      World Education Services, Chicago, New York, Miami
      800-937-3895 or 305-358-6688 phone


      Evaluations from other agencies may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Transfer Office (713-718-8534).

      Download List of Acceptable Evaluators

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If you are transferring FROM the Houston Community College System

  • Meet with an academic advisor or counselor at your community college campus to discuss your academic goals, plans, and questions. Consider completing an associates degree before transferring. Some universities give preferential treatment in admission decisions, if a student transfers after completing his/her associates degree.
  • If you need to transfer to another institution before the completion of your HCCS associate degree, you may be able to "transfer back" to HCCS your college credits from another institution in order to fulfill your associate degree requirements. In most cases, a student can "transfer back" up to 42 college-level semester hours of credit within three years of leaving HCCS to complete his/her associate degree requirements. (Note: all graduation requirements must be fulfilled. See HCCS catalog for more information.)
  • Obtain a transfer plan from your HCCS counselor. A transfer plan lists the university-required courses which can be taken at HCCS toward your university bachelor degree major. If you are undecided about your choice of university or your choice of major, see a HCCS career counselor for more help.
  • Apply for university admission and financial aid early before the university's deadlines. Most universities have application fees. An admission application is not considered complete until all official documents are in and all fees are paid. (Note: applying early for financial aid can have a big impact on the aid you receive.) If housing is needed, application must also be made to the university's Housing Office.
  • All academic transcripts and TSI scores/status must be sent to your university of choice by the university's admission deadline. To have your HCCS transcript sent to your university, call the HCCS Office of Student Records. Transcripts can be sent electronically or by mail. (Note: Universities require an academic transcript from every institution attended. HCCS cannot send copies of transcripts from other schools. We can only send an academic transcript of HCCS course work.)
  • Financial Aid transcripts are also required to be sent to your university of choice. Stop by your HCCS Financial Aid office to fill out a Financial Aid Transcript Request Form.

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