Transfer Credit for Louisiana Students

Courses listed in the equivalency charts below are equated with the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS), based on review of catalog descriptions and degree requirements at the listed universities. Students, admission officers, and academic advisors can use this crosswalk as a general guide for transfer credit evaluation and course placement. TCCNS includes only lower-division courses.

  • For students transferring coursework to a Texas institution: courses listed in the crosswalks are widely applicable at Texas colleges and universities. For example, CHEM 107 at Tulane generally transfers in the same way as CHEM 1311, subject to the transfer policies and curriculum of the receiving institution.
  • For students planning to transfer coursework back to a Louisiana institution: course comparisons listed in the crosswalks below are the best available estimates how Louisiana institutions might accept courses, but Texas campuses cannot guarantee receiving institutions will make the same assessments in reverse (see your Louisiana school transfer representative).
  • Differences between courses that may affect transfer and/or degree applicability of credit are noted parenthetically.
  • Course numbering and unit of credit information for sending institutions appear at the end of the university chart.

Transfer Credit for University Students

Transfer Credit for Delgado Community College Students

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