How do I prepare for the TSI Assessment?


All new students, unless TSI Exempt, are required to take a state placement test called the TSI exam. This test will determine if you have the reading, writing, and mathematical skills to succeed in college level courses. For each part of the test you pass, you will be allowed to take college level courses related to those skills. For any part of the test which you do not pass, you will be placed into support courses designed to give you the skills to make you college ready in that area.

Therefore, how well you do on this test could save you time and money in taking developmental courses that you may not need. Therefore, we are requiring you to engage in a Pre-Assessment Activity. This is a free service designed to prepare you to take the TSI test. The Pre-Assessment Activity contains instructional material and practice exams so you know what to expect.

Preparing for the TSI Assessment test is essential to make sure you are placed in the appropriate level. Prior to testing, students must complete the pre-assessment activity. If you do not take the time to prepare, you could be placed in a lower level, which will result in having to take more required courses and costing additional tuition and fees.

You can do the Pre-Assessment Activity, from any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone) and from any location as long as you have an internet connection. You do not need access to a printer. You do not have to do this on campus, although you may do so, if you wish. Once you have completed the Activity, our system will keep track of your involvement and email a certificate of participation to the email address you designate so you can then have access to take the TSI test.

To access the pre-assessment activity, test preparation and practices, please go to

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