What if my test scores are too low?

Why can't I take college credit classes?

What options do I have to pick up my skills?

If I improve my skills, can I then take college credit classes?

It is often a shock when a student takes a placement test, which measures college readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics, to discover that his/her ability to handle college level credit classes is lacking. At that point, an advisor will tell the student that he/she will need to take developmental classes in reading, writing, and/or mathematics to learn or re-learn the basic skills before being allowed to take college level courses. Reluctantly, a student will then enroll in the developmental courses not always convinced that they are necessary.

But what if your test scores indicate that your skills are not even strong enough to take developmental classes. That is often very discouraging! You may be tempted to give up on college, thinking, "I am just not college material...I am just no good at school."

Well, cheer up! You are not the first one to discover that either you have never had the opportunity to learn what you need to learn, or you may have forgotten what you previously had known. In either case, start where you are and take the opportunities presented to you to achieve your educational and career goals!

If you have never learned the skills which you need to achieve in college level courses, you can learn them. If you have forgotten the skills you once knew, you can re-learn them. Learning has little to do with native intelligence, so do not think you are not smart enough. On the contrary, learning has a great deal to do with dedication, committment, and good time management skills. You can learn, and you can achieve!

So, back to your original questions. What if my test scores are too low to take college credit classes? What options do I have to learn or re-learn what I need to know to succeed in college? After I work on my skills can I come back to college credit classes?

The answer to the last question is a resounding YES. Once you improve your skills, you can return to college credit classes and continue toward your educational and career goals.

Options to improve your basic skills:

  1. Pre-Assessment Activity review
  2. Continuing Education TSI Prep seminars
  3. Adult Basic Education College and Career Readiness classes
  4. Level 1 certificate workforce programs with Contextualized ABE
  5. Level 1 certificate workforce programs with infused basic skills

See an advisor for more information.

Please allow 24 hours for response by phone or email.

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