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Welcome to Houston Community College!

Orientation Program for New
Part-Time Employees and Adjunct Faculty

Presented by: HR | Employee Learning & Organizational Development

We hope you find your employment here as meaningful and enjoyable as we do.  No matter what your job, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on others' lives by helping them with their education and life-long learning goals.  As with any endeavor in life, this opportunity is what you make it.  This orientation will introduce you to the resources, programs, and people who can make this happen. Click here to start!



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Getting Started: Table of Contents


Page 4 Getting Started: Learning Objectives

Page 5 Getting Started: Orientation Process





Page 7 Our Purpose: Quick Facts

Page 8 Our Purpose: The Board of Trustees

Page 9 Our Purpose: HCC Mission

Page 10 Our Purpose: Funding Stream

Page 11 Our Purpose: Responsibilities as a Public Servant

Page 12 Our Purpose: HCC Offers

Page 13 Our Purpose: HCC Also Offers

Page 14 Our Purpose: HCC Also Offers

Page 15 Our Purpose: HCC Also Offers

Page 16 Self-Check #1



Page 18 Our Plan: The Vision

Page 19 Our Plan: Goals to Reach

Page 20 Our Plan: Shared Values

Page 21 Self-Check #2




Page 23 Our People: Our Commitment to You

Page 24 Our People: Structural Overview

Page 25 Our People: Organizational Structure

Page 26 Our People: District Administrative Offices

Page 27 Our People: Expectations

Page 28 Our People: Facilities & Equipment Use

Page 29 Our People: Your Health & Safety

Page 30 Our People: Your Health & Safety

Page 31 Our People: Your Health & Safety

Page 32 Our People: Your Safety, Your Tasks

Page 33 Our People: Your Safety, Your Tasks

Page 34 Our People: Training Opportunities

Page 35 Our People: @Your Service

Page 36 Our People: Recording Time

Page 37 Our People: Get Connected!

Page 38 Our People: Get Connected!

Page 39 Our People: Creating A Positive Work Environment

Page 40 Self-Check #3



Page 41 Wrap Up: FAQs

Page 42 Wrap Up: What's Next?


Getting Started: Learning Objectives

This self-paced learning module, along with the Part-Time & Adjunct Faulty Employee (PTAF) booklet, is designed as a guide to your benefits, opportunities, and responsibilities here at HCC. It is meant to be a brief overview to help you get acquainted with us and the policies and procedures of the institution, and should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. You can start and stop at any time in the orientation. As a new employee you will be able to:

Please print out the PTAF booklet before continuing. You will need it as you work through this module - click here to access the PTAF Booklet. It will be an excellent accompaniment to your orientation experience. 

Getting Started: Orientation Process

Orientation Checklist Your orientation will consist of the following components.  For your information, keep track of the dates in your PTAF booklet as you completed each part. You and your supervisor should coordinate the orientation process; you should be sure your orientation is complete and that you have the necessary information and resources to perform your job duties. Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about any of the items listed, or contact Employee Learning and Organizational Development.




"At HCC, we are as focused on what's next as we are on what's now.

It is the new and evolving role of community colleges across the US.

And, none is taking a more active role in defining what's next than HCC."

~Dr. Mary Spangler, Chancellor



Our Purpose: Quick Facts

Houston Community College:


Our Purpose: The Board of Trustees

HCC Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the official governing body of Houston Community College. The Board is composed of nine members who are elected from single-member districts and who serve without remuneration. Board members are elected to staggered six-year terms. The Board has final authority to determine and interpret the policies that govern HCC. As part of their duties, the trustees maintain a full schedule of community service, public appearances, speaking engagements and legislative affairs on behalf of HCC. Board members represent an impressive mix of individual talents and professional backgrounds enabling them to provide governance of the highest quality.





Our Purpose: HCC Mission

HCC Mission Houston Community College is an open-admission, public institution of higher education offering opportunities for academic advancement, workforce training, career development, and lifelong learning that prepares individuals in our diverse communities for life and work in a global and technological society.

We have 25 Exemplary Career Technology programs—the most of any community college in the state.   With an overall job placement rate of 92% and a competency guarantee to employers, HCC offers students and community partners a better, brighter future.

 A comprehensive community college system, HCC offers many programs designed to meet the needs of students according to their backgrounds and interests. HCC's "open door" admissions policy welcomes all individuals who have at least one of the following qualifications to enroll:



Our Purpose: Funding Stream

00432603.png As a public institution, our primary sources of funding are:


We are all public servants and must always be aware of our responsibility to use this money to further the public good. 


Our Purpose: Responsibilities as a Public Servant

We are all public servants and must always be aware of our responsibility to use money and resources to further the good of the public.

It is very important that we all take seriously our responsibilities as a public servant.  Taxpayers and students contribute to our funding.   We earn their trust everyday, so must always be "above board" in our actions and considerate in our behavior. 


Our Purpose: HCC Offers

HCC offers a wide variety of programs to address various needs and goals, such as:

HCC awards Associate degrees in the Arts, Sciences, General Studies and Applied Sciences.   Senior colleges and universities throughout Texas and surrounding states accept academic credits earned at HCC. Additionally certificate programs are available in a variety of occupational fields.  Our Continuing Education programs provide lifelong learning opportunities, occupational skills training, and professional development.   HCC's Corporate Training Office develops customized training programs for our local business partners so that their employees maintain a competitive advantage. 


Our Purpose: HCC Also Offers

Our comprehensive student support services are designed to cater to the needs of each individual student ranging from financial aid assistance to academic tutoring. Students can fulfill their greatest potential for success through cooperative and collaborative efforts with each department.

Financial Aid - Students should apply for financial aid each year on or after January 1. At HCC, April 15th is the Priority Deadline date for student aid applications. Students, who meet the deadline date and qualify, may be awarded aid in time to register and purchase books.

Academic & Personal Counseling - HCC Counselors are essential to all students' success. They create relevant opportunities and facilitate the development of desirable student outcomes. Ultimately, our counselors seek to foster academic and personal success within the context of a global and diverse community. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor in their first semester to declare a major and create an individualized success plan to reach academic goals.



Our Purpose: HCC Also Offers

Student Job Placement - The Student Job Placement Office assists current and former students in finding full-time, part time, and cooperative education employment. Students can also build resumes and search for employment opportunities online at Workshops are provided for those making career choices and developing job search skills.

Disability Support Services - Students with special needs or disabilities, which may affect their ability to succeed in college classes or participate in college programs/activities, should contact the Disabilities Support Services (DSS) Counselor located at each college.The Disability Support Services Office assists students with documented physical, learning, or emotional disabilities in developing independence and self-reliance. Services include adaptive equipment and reasonable accommodations for admissions assistance, testing, academic advising, registration, and classroom instruction. Interpreting service is provided for students who are deaf/ hard of hearing, and assisting technology devices are provided on a case-by-case basis. Students should request interpreting services as soon as possible or no less than 30 days prior to each academic semester they plan to attend HCC.


Our Purpose: HCC Also Offers

Child Care Assistance - HCC-Central offers childcare for all HCC full- and part-time students at the HCC Child and Family Center. The center serves children 6 weeks - 5 years of age, Monday thru Friday, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm. Childcare staff follow the guidelines of developmentally appropriate practice. This Texas licensed center is accredited by the National Association of the Education for Young Children. Call 713 .718.KIDS or visit 3214 Austin Street for enrollment information.

Tutoring - All HCC Colleges provide free tutorial assistance to students, particularly in regard to reading, writing, and math assistance. Please check in the Counseling Office or check the information on the HCC Web site under Current Students for current information about live as well as on-line tutoring opportunities.







Self-Check #1

Complete the three questions below to test your knowledge. You will need to scroll down to see and complete all three questions. Refer to Page 5 - 10 in the booklet, if you need assistance.


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Relevant | Opportunity | Essential


Houston Community College will be the most relevant

community college in the country.  We will be the opportunity

institution for every student we serve – essential

to our community's success.


Our Plan: The Vision

Houston Community College is embarking upon a critical time in its history with a bold, yet attainable vision for the future. Our vision is focused on three key concepts - relevant, opportunity and essential.

To ensure the organization achieves its vision and the critical pathway articulated in its strategic plan, it is imperative to clearly define the key themes articulated in the vision:

Relevant is defined as being closely connected to having demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand. HCC will be relevant in the way it uniquely meets the current and future needs of the region, its communities, residents and students.

Opportunity is defined as a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal. HCC will be an opportunity institution, offering students the ability to learn, improve and ultimately achieve their goals.

Essential is defined as absolutely necessary; indispensable. HCC will be essential to the community's success through the services it provides and the value it brings to the growing and diverse Houston area.




Our Plan: Goals to Reach

Through an exhaustive, highly inclusive strategic planning process which utilized cutting edge research methodologies, the HCC's six strategic goals were created. They are the cornerstone of the plan used to achieve the vision articulated.

Student Learning

Effective Leadership

Resource Development & Enhancement

Global Perspective

Effective Communication

Accountability & Strategic Decision-Making


Our plan is not achieved by accident. Everything we do ties into the strategic goal and planning of the administration.





Our Plan: Shared Values

Every successful organization is guided by a set of values. Over the next few years, we will work to not only understand but also incorporate these values into our work, our actions and our relationships inside and outside this institution.

Houston Community College will be an inviting and healthy place to work and learn. Core values guide our interactions with students, the internal and external communities we serve, and each other. These principles give focus to our primary purpose of serving students and facilitating their success as citizens in a free and prosperous society.

Freedom – cultivation of an open environment that promotes a rigorous, untiring life-long pursuit & expression of truth & free exchange of ideas

Accountability – committed to doing one's duty & taking the right actions

Community-Mindedness – bonds of community are care, open communication, cooperation & shared governance

Integrity – honesty, mutual respect, fairness, & doing the right thing at all times

Excellence – achieving the best in teaching, learning, community building & stewardship




Self-Check #2

Complete the crossword activity below to test your knowledge about HCC's Vision and shared values. This activity is not graded. Refer to Page 5 - 10 in the booklet, if you need assistance.


.Hyperlink to Crossword Activity 




"At HCC, we are all educators. Directly or indirectly, what YOU

do each day influences the lives of our students.

What an opportunity to make a difference!" 

~Dr. Ruth Burgos-Sasscer, Former Chancellor


Our People: Our Commitment to You

HCC is an equal opportunity employer with a workplace free from sexual harassment and other types of discrimination.

Every employee is valued for his or her integrity, professionalism, competence and ethics.


As a strategic partner, our goal is to maximize employee effectiveness by creating a quality workplace to better support the mission of the college through:





Our People: Structural Overview

A quick overview of HCC's structure…

Since 1972, we have served over 1.2 million students, helping them improve their lives though education and training.   You have joined a vibrant institution with a rich past and an exciting future.

The "big picture":  Houston Community College System, the legal name of the organization, consists of six Colleges and a centralized administration function located here at 3100 Main, now known as "District".  Of the six Colleges – Central, Coleman, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest many have more than one campus.  For example, Central has the campus, HCC's first official campus, as well Willie Lee Gay Hall, which is on 288-South.

However, HCC is, by accreditation, one single college.  When a person graduates, he or she graduates from HCC, not from HCC-Northeast vs. HCC-Southwest. 



Our People: Organizational Structure

Our vision is not achieved by accident. It takes all of us doing our part. To that end every HCC policy, program and practice is designed to enable success for each student we serve.   Each of us is challenged to follow HCC guidelines, and identify and remove barriers to learning wherever they may be.   As new employees, we encourage you to share your perspectives, insights, and experiences, as we learn and grow together.

Understanding your place in the organization is essential. Talk with your supervisor about where your position fits in the organization, and how you can make an impact!



Our People: District Administrative Offices

Many of the "administrative" functions of the organization take place at the District building (3100 Main). Each employee strives to serve as a partner and support to all colleges. District serves as:


Our People: Expectations

Part-time employees comprise approximately two-thirds of our workforce, and are generally hired for specific time period to perform a specific "assignment". You are a valuable member of the team! For all employees, we expect:




Our People: Facilities & Equipment Use

HCC resources (facilities, equipment, other property, and personnel) are to be used for the corporate gain of the college. HCC is a public institution supported by tax collections, and facilities and equipment should be used for official college business.  Personal use of public resources is prohibited by state law. 

All HCC facilities are non-smoking.  Smoking is prohibited anywhere within the buildings, including rest rooms, break rooms, and stairways.

HCC supports a connection to the Internet and the World Wide Web for faculty, students, and staff in support of the mission of the college. The Internet connection should be used in an open, accessible, and academically free manner to support the teaching, research, and outreach missions of the college. The District encourages faculty, staff, and students to make broad use of the Internet as a tool for learning, communication, and scholarship.


Our People: Your Health & Safety

HCC is committed to providing a safe environment for employees to work and students to learn.  We are dedicated to maintaining a drug & alcohol free institution. We ask for your help in making this happen. Be diligent in safe work practices and report any unsafe situations to your supervisor. Remember to keep our campuses free from illicit or illegal drugs or alcohol on HCC property or at events. 

Leading causes of injury at HCC:  (1) slip & fall, (2) back injury. If you experience an on-the-job injury or accident, call HCC police – they are trained in first aid and emergency procedures.  HCC police dispatch is at 3100 Main, plus each campus has security.  Dispatcher is present 24 X 7.  Members of HCC security staff are also available to escort you to your car after hours. In case of a life-threatening emergency, call 911 first, then contact HCC police.  HCC police can then direct EMS to the emergency. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible after an accident.  HCC is required to follow a strict process for handling these situations. 



Our People: Your Health & Safety

HCC has its own internal police department that is responsible for the safety and security of all HCC locations.  In addition, the college maintains an agreement with the Houston Police Department for follow-up or extended service. The HCC Police department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They can be reached on campus by dialing 8-8888 (that's 5 eights). There are also security officers available for escorting employees to their cars.  If you ever feel unsafe, or even when it's a tad bit too dark, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. The police department also provides vehicle assistance for certain disabled vehicle situations on most college campuses.


Our People: Your Health & Safety

Your safety is of the utmost importance. Talk to your supervisor about safety procedures for your area. In case of fire alarm:



Our People: Your Safety, Your Tasks

Houston Community College operates six colleges with multiple locations throughout the Houston, TX metropolitan area. HCC has a student enrollment of over 70,000 and Faculty and Staff expected to reach over 5,000.  With this large student and employee population, being able to identify members, and vehicles, of our HCC community is of great importance.

All Houston Community College employees, and students, must obtain an HCC photo identification (ID) card, and parking permit.  Employees and students may be asked to show their ID card to security officers or other college officials to verify their affiliation and purpose for being on campus. All HCC students, faculty and staff are also required to have a parking permit displayed on the dashboard of their cars.  At this time there is no charge for parking at most HCC locations. Much like the ID card, parking permits are a security measure contributing to a safe and secure work and learning environment.


Our People: Your Safety, Your Tasks

The HCC Police Department utilities Connect ED as a communication service to help college officials reach out to students, faculty and staff via:

The Police Department relies on the information stored in @Your Service, and Student Administration for data about employees. It is important that you keep your Personal Information, and Parking Permit information current.



Our People: Training Opportunities

As an educational institution, we encourage professional development. Investing in yourself as an employee and educator is one of the most important things you can do in the workplace. All around the college there are training opportunities available to you. Here is a short list of a few:




Our People: @Your Service

All HCC employees have a variety of self-service tools at their fingertips to view and maintain personal information. It is the link for employees into the HR database. This functionality, called @Your Service, allows employees access to:




Our People: Recording Time

In general a part time employee is paid for time worked. So, to keep up with time, employees punch in and out each day. For adjunct faculty employees, time is paid semesterly. Only time away from work must be recorded. For instance, sick or training.


FACULTY: Generally, faculty members are considered exempt employees, and are compensated on a salary basis for their employment period and are not entitled to overtime or compensatory time compensation.

Elapsed Time Reporter

 Report Weekly Elapsed Only

Exception time (leave) is reported through the weekly elapsed feature.

Employee Self Service > Employee Home > Time Reporting Home > Report Weekly Elapsed Time

STAFF: Generally, part-time staff employees are compensated for all hours worked each week, and are compensated for overtime in accordance with federal regulations or compensatory time in lieu of overtime.

Punch Time Reporter

 Report Punch Time through Web Clock

Hours worked in a week are calculated from punches entered.

Employee Self Service > Employee Home > Time Reporting Home > Web Clock





*There are some exceptions.  Always discuss time entry with your supervisor before your assignment begins.


Our People: Get Connected!

Here are some ways to get connected to your department, and a few more employee benefits!









Our People: Get Connected!


Our People: Creating A Positive Work Environment

Sexual Harassment - Sexual harassment will not be tolerated at HCC. Questions and/or complaints about sexual harassment can be addressed by your supervisor, or the your HR Generalist assigned to your area, or through the formal complaint process.

American with Disabilities Act - HCC makes every effort to comply with the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act. Many special services are available for HCC students and employees who have a qualified disability. Appropriate educational accommodations due to a verified disability are available for HCC students through HCC Disability Services staff.

Ombudsman - The Office of the Ombudsman provides an independent, neutral, informal, and confidential resource for HCC employees – faculty, staff, and administrators – to address workplace issues and concerns. The Office of Ombudsman is independent of any existing administrative or academic structures and adheres to the Code of Ethics of the International Ombudsman Association. The HCC Ombudsman reports to the highest possible level within the organization, the Chancellor.

Whistleblowers - Workplace accommodations due to a verified disability are available for HCC employees through the EEO/Employee Relations Department. To initiate the process for obtaining workplace accommodations, contact your supervisor or your assigned HR Generalist. HCC prohibits retaliation against any employee who reports violations of law, the District Code of Conduct, District Policies, or District Rules and Regulations. See Policy C: 3.2 for more information.

Grievance & Appeals - Good employee morale is essential to the growth and development of any organization. Therefore, when normal administrative procedures have been exhausted in regards to employee/supervisor problems that relate to wages, hours, or conditions of work, each HCC staff member has the right to initiate a formal complaint.

If you feel you have the need to lodge a formal complaint, first discuss the situation with your supervisor. If the problem is not resolved, a grievance may be filed. Additional information is available from your supervisor or from your assigned HR Generalist. 

Discipline/Dismissal Policies - These policies apply to job performance issues that result in decisions to impose a disciplinary penalty of demotion, suspension without pay or dismissal. They do not apply to dismissal as a result of reorganization, funding sources not being realized, or reductions in staff.

Additional information on this policy can be found in the HCC Policy Manual, C: 9. For more information contact your supervisor or the HR Generalist assigned to your area.



Self-Check #3

Complete the three questions below to test your knowledge. You will need to scroll down to see and complete all three questions. Refer to Page 14 - 25 in the booklet, if you need assistance.




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Wrap Up: FAQs

As a new employee you may have many questions about your employment, and new job responsibilities. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions among our new employees. Take a few minutes to read through them. If you still have questions, please contact us at

What benefits am I eligible for?

Am I eligible for Holiday pay?

When and where will I receive my pay?

If I get injured on the job, am I covered under Worker's Compensation?

What do I do if I can't make it to work?

What if there is inclement weather?

How many hours per week can I work as a part time employee or adjunct professor?

Can I join the Credit Union?

Can I participate in professional development activities?




Wrap Up: What's Next?




You have successfully completed the online module of Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty Orientation.

Below, submit your name as it appeared on your HCC Online Job Application, and click the Print Certificate button first.
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Again, welcome to Houston Community College. We are really glad you are here!